PPK web bwPechaKucha presentations are captivating performances of 20 image-rich slides that show for 20 seconds each. They convey insights about ethnographic work that are unique and profound—offering some of the most memorable moments of the conference for EPIC attendees.

Arvind Venkataramani • SonicRim
Nora Morales • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa
Paul Ratliff • Design Strategist and Innovation Consultant

Tuesday 11–11:30am

The Researcher Life

The Flat World
Bridget Monahan • MAYA Design

The Undergraduate Anthropologist
Ruby Dallas • Macquarie University

Locating Ourselves In the Liminal
Ari Nave • The King’s Indian, Inc.

Tuesday 2–2:30pm

Nature / Natures

Biomimicry: Learnings from ‘the Field’
Adina Daar • Independent Researcher

A Prairie Revival
Brianna Farber • University of South Carolina

Living Comfortably In Glass Houses
Alexandra Zafiroglu, Heather Patterson & Faith McCreary • Intel Corporation

Tuesday 4–4:30pm

Women / Feminism

Working For It: Feminist Art and Ethnography
Carrie Yury • BeyondCurious, Inc.

Looking to “Right-Hand Women:” Strategies for Shaping Impactful Paths in Business
Hannah Pick Calderon & Natalia Silva • INSITUM

Wednesday 9–9:30am

Frames for Thinking

Paradoxical Thinking as a Gateway to Socio-Cultural Insights
Elizabeth Anderson-Kempe • Artemis Research by Design

Critical Jugaad
Deepa Butoliya • Carnegie Melllon University

What I Think about when I Think about Running
Simon Roberts • Stripe Partners

Wednesday 11:30am–12:30pm

Reflecting on Methods

“LOLZ OMG, I’M DEAD”: The Rise of Performative Behavior in Social Media, and It’s Implications for Digital Ethnography
Kathleen Hartnett • SapientNitro

When ‘Design Thinkers’ Prototype—Through an Anthropologist’s Eyes
Bryony Wilson • Empathy

The Elephant in the Room: A Lesson from the Field
Liubava Shatokhina • Gemic

A Thrice Told Truth
Evan Hanover • Conifer Research & Marta Cuciurean-Zapan • IDEO

Wednesday 3:00–3:30pm

Standards of Practice

How Asking about the Best Reveals Ourselves
Jennifer Ng • Independent

How a 10-Day Silent Meditation Course Made Me a Better Researcher
Shipra Kayan • Upwork

The Full Epiphany
Robbie Blinkoff • Context-Based Research Group

Wednesday 5–5:30pm

Learning with Others

Primate Pathmaking
John Dominski • gravitytank & Christena Nippert-Eng • Indiana University Bloomington

Crescent Cove—Changing Course
Teri Kwant & Nancy O’Brien • RSP Architects